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Dab pen for sale

dab pen is something which is used purely for the consumption of dabsDabs are tiny little concentrates of THC, instead of your more traditional dry herb or e-liquid. A dab pen is made up of the same components as a vape pen, and works more or less in the same way.

What is a Wax/Dab Pen?buy dab pen online

Wax Vape Pens are incredibly similar to dry herb vape pens. Hosting much the same technology, rather than vaporizing dry herbs, wax pens are use to vaporize concentrates instead. Wax vape pens have a heatoing coil verses a chamber for dry herbs.Wax vape pens are use to provide a method for the consumption of thick oils and herb and flower concentrates instead. Here are the components you can expect to find in a wax vape pen:

  • Mouthpiece – The mouthpiece doesn’t really do anything special, it’s simply there to give you a nice feeling piece to rest your lips.
  • Battery / Mod – Much the same as dry herb vape pens and any other vaporizer you’ll see on the market. The Battery or Mod on Wax pens share the universal 510 Threaded Connection; giving you the ability to have a huge selection when finding the best mod for you. With more advanced wax mods you’ll have the ability to control the heating temperature of the atomizer. You should always check your atomizers heating range before trying on a non-default setting.

How does a Dab Coil Work?where can i buy a dab pen

You probably have a basic understanding of how the process works from the description above, let me summarize this. The user will place wax /concentrate into the heating chamber. When given power from the battery, the heating chamber will heat up the wick which comes in many different styles and materials. Heating to significant temperatures the wax is vaporized, leaving little to nothing behind.

Basic Instructions for use

The following are basic instructions on how to use the Wax Vape Pen. Always ensure you check your user manual before using your wax vape pen for the first time, the method usually changes depending on the device:

  1. Collect your Concentrate. This will come pre-prepared from dispensaries. Put the concentrate into an easily accessible place, you will want to access this more than once depending on the quantity you like to vaporize.
  2. Using the dab tool, scoop a small amount of concentrate onto the dab tool. Use the dab tool to place the concentrate into the heating chamber of your device. This will now be ready to vape.
  3. When you’re ready to Vaporize the concentrate, hold the power button and inhale deeply. Using a direct to lung pulling method is the most common with wax vape pens.
  4. Once the Wax is vaporized, open up the heating chamber and all the concentrate should be gone. You can then repeat the process until you’ve vaped your desired amount.
  5. After use, always ensure you clean the device, removing any extract that could be left behind. This could risk drying up and causing issues within the heating chamber.

How to find the best Wax or Dab Vaporizer Pen for your Needs

There are many different components, features and functions that you’ll want to understand before you find the best wax vape pen for you. Hosting many different types of heating chambers and atomizers, there is a huge amount of choice.

I’ll break everything down below, telling you everything you need to know before you get your first wax vape pen:

  • Types of Atomizers – Previously, I mentioned Atomizers or heating chambers have multiple different types. Containing different types of wicks and materials, some atomizers are used to provide a different experience with Wax Pens. Here are the most common types of Atomizers:
    • Wicked – Similar to sub ohm vape pens, wicked atomizers have a coil within them with a wicking material. Coming with either a single or double wicked style these atomizers are best for more liquid or fluid concentrates.
    • Wickless – This is the more common atomizer style for wax vape pens. Used for more solid and thicker concentrates, wickless atomizers have a rod within them usually made out of ceramic or quartz. The Rod provides a huge amount of heat around them, vaporizing anything within a close proximity. Wickless atomizers come in 2 different materials: Ceramic and Quartz, both of which typically provide a single, duo or triple rod structure. The more rods, the higher the temperature and heating radius.
    • Flat Ceramic Dish – Much the same as dry herb vape pens, this is the latest technology found in wax vape pens. Essentially, putting a ceramic dish above the coils to remove any exposed coils. They will then heat the ceramic dish which heats the concentrate located on top of the dish. This is the safest heating method found in Wax Pens to date. It also provides a more well-rounded vapor.
    • Batteries / Mods – As well as Atomizers, wax vape pens comes with different options for your choice of battery or mod. As mentioned before, the majority of wax vape pens feature the universal 510 threaded connection; this allows you to put any 510 connected battery onto the base of your wax pen. Always make sure your heating chamber is compatible with the temperature of the battery.
      • Wax Pen Batteries – Featuring a 510 threaded connection, a wax vape pen battery will typically be a standard battery that comes with your device in the kit. These are the safest to use, due to their limited temperature setting. It has been tested and set to the perfect temperature balance for your device. These will typically come within a range of 900mAh to 1300mAh.
      • Variable  Voltage Batteries – These batteries or more commonly as “Mods” are only for advanced users. Featuring a 510 threaded connection these mods can be used on pretty much any type of vaporizer. Allowing you to choose your desired voltage, wattage or temperature setting at the click of a button. A mod gives the user a huge amount of control over the vapor production of their device, however, opens them up to a lot more issues and risks. Heating chambers and atomizers have a desired heating range, when using a custom mod you will not be notified if you go outside of this range. Always ensure you know the heating range before changing any settings.
      • Magnetic Connections – Traditionally, all of the connections on a vaporizer are 510. With wax vape pens, it’s becoming more and more common see the devices opting for a newer magnetic connection for the tip at least. This gives the user the ability to easily access the heating chamber, without having to unscrew something every time. The battery will still be 510.

Why Choose Mig Vapor Wax Pens

After this guide you should have a great understanding on what Wax Vape Pens are, what you want to look for, and hopefully have something in mind for what you want. So now, you have to buy your own!

Mig Vapor, one of the leading providers of everything vaping related have a huge selection of devices with only the highest quality and best technology. Being extremely transparent with their descriptions and reviews of the products, you can find a huge community driven knowledge base to help you get the answers you need. As well as an extremely useful support team.

It’s important to purchase your device from a trusted and legitimate source that provides just as much care after the purchase as before, and Mig Vapor do this perfectly.

Here’s a list of some wax vape pens currently available on MigVapor Website:

  • Keymaker Wax Vaporizer Pen – $39.95 – Known for portability and stealthiest. The Keymaker has an outstanding design, giving you the ability to discreetly use your device whenever you need to. Maintaining a discreet design but providing huge advancements in technology.
  • WASP Dab Wax Vape Pen – $42.95 – Hosting an extremely compact design, the WASP ( Wax Air Stealth Vape Pen)  flew off the shelves. With the carbonundrum  coils and a 500mAh battery it provides a huge amount of performance. Both coils are with a ceramic plate. Heating range between 400-455 Fahrenheit.
  • Mig Rig formerly the la Queef 510 E-Nail– $149.95 – Coming with just the heating chamber and the tip, the Mig Rig -La Queef hosts new technology and changes to the tip. Making a much larger tip for a unique pulling experience.
  • Brain Fogger Wax Atomizer Pen Tank – $39.95 – Another standalone tank, the brain fogger hosts a clear tank. Hosting some of the latest in coil technology the brain fogger deals huge amounts of performance. With a range of 7 – 10 watts and a 510 threaded connection.

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